Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about our loyalty program below. If these don’t address your concern, please email us, or call (707) 433-4295.

Hawkes Loyalty Members vs Hawkes Wine Club Members

The Hawkes Loyalty Program is not a wine club, and you do not have to be a Hawkes wine club member to participate. There are no automatic shipments. Everyone who joins our mailing list is automatically added to the loyalty program, and loyalty points are accrued on every purchase, including wine, event tickets, and other merchandise. Tax and shipping are excluded.

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Hawkes Reward Program

The Hawkes Reward Program was launched January 1, 2017. Once registered, reward members earn three points for every dollar spent with Hawkes. You don’t have to be a wine club member, you just have to love Hawkes.

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Hawkes Loyalty Rewards

Hawkes loyalty rewards are experiences available exclusively through the loyalty program. We periodically add new rewards or change existing rewards, and strive to create options for our loyalty members to enjoy.

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