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Two bottles each of our 2011 Red Winery Vineyard Cabernet, 2012 Stone Vineyard Cabernet and 2013 Pyramid Vineyard Cabernet.

Each vintage is one that plays to the strength of the vineyard:2011 was a historically cool growing season, a vintage of delicacy and subtlety, qualities that define the basic nature of Red Winery, a vineyard that specializes in balance instead of power. The 2011 is an incredibly pleasurable combination of floral, fruity, and savory.

I often refer to our Single Vineyard Stone as “a cab drinker’s cab.” It’s tannic, brambly, brooding. It’s a vineyard that takes a long, dry fall – plenty of hang-time, plenty of cold nights – to develop its full spectrum of complexity. 2012 was just such a vintage, and the Stone Single Vineyard Cabernet captures it – structure, great tannin, dark fruit. An archetype of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 2013 Pyramid Single Vineyard Cabernet is a heavyweight punching in it’s prime. The wine from here is purple and intense every vintage. The 2013 is an example of the power this vineyard is capable of: Santa Rosa plum, black coffee, star anise. Wow.

We have a small amount of each of these available, first come first served.