Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about our loyalty program below. If these don’t address your concern, please email us, or call (707) 433-4295.

Hawkes Loyalty Members vs Hawkes Wine Club Members

The Hawkes Loyalty Program is not a wine club, and you do not have to be a Hawkes wine club member to participate. There are no automatic shipments. Everyone who joins our mailing list is automatically added to the loyalty program, and loyalty points are accrued on every purchase, including wine, event tickets, and other merchandise. Tax and shipping are excluded.

Yes. In fact every member of the wine club is automatically enrolled in the loyalty program, and new wine club members receive a one-time loyalty bonus of 1,500 points upon enrollment. Wine club members earn points for all purchases, including wine club shipments, so participating in the club, is a great way to earn points toward Hawkes Loyalty Rewards.

No. Everyone on our mailing list may participate in the loyalty program and earn points for every purchase. You do not have to be a wine club member.

All types of members may access their online account anytime.
LOYALTY POINTS: are displayed once logged into your online account.
This is the total number of points accrued to date and that may be redeemed toward Hawkes Loyalty Rewards.
VIEW CLUB MEMBERSHIP: All active club memberships in your account will be displayed here. You may edit your shipping and payment methods anytime.

You may join our wine club and start receiving quarterly shipments of Hawkes wine at your home or office anytime by visiting one of our tasting rooms, calling (707) 433-4295 or enrolling online. Benefits of wine club membership include access to single vineyard Cabernets, free shipping on all purchases, loyalty point accrual on all purchases including club packages, a one-time 1,500 point enrollment bonus, and discounts on wine.

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Hawkes Reward Program

The Hawkes Reward Program was launched January 1, 2017. Once registered, reward members earn three points for every dollar spent with Hawkes. You don’t have to be a wine club member, you just have to love Hawkes.

Every member of our mailing list, including wine club members, is a member of the Hawkes Reward Program. There is no membership fee. Every reward member earns three points for every dollar spent at our tasting rooms, online, or by phone. Reward points may be redeemed, plus redemption fee for Hawkes Rewards as soon as the loyalty member balance is equal to or exceeds the points required for a specific experience and based on availability.

Please join our mailing list, and start earning loyalty points for all Hawkes purchases right away. If you are already on our mailing list, you may already have points in your account. Please login to check your balance or to make your first purchase.

No. Loyalty members only pay a redemption fee when redeeming an available reward.

The Hawkes Loyalty program is subject to change at any time. In addition we will send an annual announcement regarding adjustments to the loyalty program and changes to the loyalty rewards.

No. Your points do not expire, and you may login to check your balance at any time.

Yes, tax and shipping charges are exempt from reward point accrual. Also, corporate gifts or bulk orders (10 packages or more to unique addresses) do not qualify. A corporate account is required for corporate gifting. Please contact us for more details at (707) 433-4295.

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Hawkes Loyalty Rewards

Hawkes loyalty rewards are experiences available exclusively through the loyalty program. We periodically add new rewards or change existing rewards, and strive to create options for our loyalty members to enjoy.

Requests to redeem points may be made by calling (707) 433-4295 or emailing [email protected] Most reward experiences are scheduled based on availability. Some events are offered on specific dates, and have limited ticket availability. All loyalty reward points and redemption fees are priced per person.

The redemption fee is the cost in addition to points required to redeem a reward experience.

No. Points may only be redeemed for Hawkes Loyalty Rewards. The rewards are designed as unique offerings, available exclusively through the loyalty program.

No. Hawkes Loyalty Rewards are available exclusively through the loyalty program. A sufficient points balance plus redemption fee is required to redeem.

Yes. We are happy to accommodate gifting a rewards experience. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Yes. In fact some of our private reward experiences are designed with this in mind. Please provide us with the names of everyone in the party when booking.

No. We are not able to accommodate anyone under 21-years-old or pets for reward experiences.

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